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  • ARA-TS

Mobile Traffic Reduction Traversing LTE Network
Compressed transmission for paid/non-paid content from the internet into LTE network and reduce traffic within LTE network & IX/transit network by edge cache/CDN service
Content Service Enhancement
Service handover allows delivery of paid/non-paid content from closest eNB location to subscriber and prevent transmission delay over internet and LTE core/backhaul. In addition, it improves QoE by TCP optimization.
Service Continuity
No content service delay and degradation by utilizing service handover feature during the switch from one eNB to another.
Transparent Caching

Provide uninterrupted service by supporting asymmetric transmission and auto-detecting & bypass mechanism for non-standard HTTP in LTE Network. Comply with US DMCA 512(b) and EU E-Commerce Directive regarding copyright.

Video Optimization Service

Support HTTP adaptive streaming caching such as HLS, HDS and HSS by object caching with content key. Improve network congestion by video pacing technology with progressive download according to video bit rate.


Increase system performance in proportion to the number of CPU cores by implementing multi-core distributed processing that minimizes context switching of caching engine thread. Centralized monitoring and managing over 1,000 systems with a single platform in core node group. More than 1,000 nodes of edge caches in the core node can be in one single platform.

Easy Operation & Maintenance

Web-based GUI for centralized monitoring & management over 1,000 cache systems. Provide different types of user interfaces such as SNMP, CLI and profile which integrate with management tool of mobile operators.

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