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Greater Stability with Out-of-Band Configuration
Using replicate traffic transmission, ARA-TS Plus provides not only smart traffic control with the out-of-band network configuration by using TAP but also more reliable network operation. And this out-of-band configuration ensures no impact on existing network. Unlike proxy-based filtering solution, it guarantees faster service in regardless of latency.
Optimized for Heavy Network Traffic
ARA-TS Plus is optimized for processing heavy network traffic and can be deployed at backbone of national and international ISP. ARA's proprietary Layer 7 cache engine called NMP(Network Monitoring Platform) makes it possible to achieve 10Gbps traffic processing and even supports up to 20/30/40Gbps traffic processing reliably depending on HW capacity.
Known Detour Block
ARA-TS Plus blocks IP address resolving and URL shortcut/change based detour and also prevent detour by registering anonymizer & proxy to blocking list. Additionally it blocks other detours which get through via HTTP port 80 as well as other ports using L7-based URL matching.
Asymmetric Routing

Unlike existing proxy-based filtering solution, ARA-TS Plus can provide a perfect filtering feature based on user request analysis in asymmetric routing environment.

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