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Utilizing advanced DPI technology, ARA-TS can identify various applications. The administrator is able to detect heavy users, monitor traffic pattern and trace the network behavior so that the network is efficient and healthy. ARA-TS enables the delivery of fair and equitable service levels to the subscribers, ensuring that all users receive high-quality web sessions without being over-whelmed by high bandwidth subscribers.

Traffic Information
ARA-TS traffic information analyzes in- bound and outbound bandwidth usage by each P2P protocol. This creates clear reporting of the current network conditions.
Inbound and Outbound Traffic
ARA-TS charts P2P bandwidth per P2P pro- tocol by time of day.
Current Top Bandwidth Abuse
ARA-TS provides information about the top ports and IP's according to P2P usage enabling the service provider to take timely action.
Daily Outbound Bandwidth Usage
ARA-TS analyzes daily outbound bandwidth usage per P2P protocol, which enables efficient network management.

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