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High Performance 10G POS/Ethernet
Broadband service providers have adopted 10GE/POS backbone networks to handle rapidly increasing Internet traffic and demand for quality of service. ARA-TS supports 10GE/POS and provides a valuable solution to alleviate this pressure.
The graph on the following page shows the correlation between throughput and CPU usage utilizing ARA-TS. The results show that CPU usage remains relatively low as throughput increases.
Asynchronous Traffic Control
Major service provider networks are prone to asymmetric routes caused by inbound and outbound traffic from the subscribers. Specific identification becomes difficult due to these asymmetric routes. ARA-TS can overcome these challenges with a unique traffic identification technology that ensures accurate protocol identification without affecting the network routing.
Network Fail Safe Operation
ARA-TS uses tap-mirroring topology, which is not only cost-effective, but offers more comprehensive protection than simple hardware replication and bypass systems. Outline traffic capture capability ensures the continuation of the subscriber’s traffic without interruption even in the event of system failures.
Support for Various Network Interfaces
Service providers utilize additional network lines to brace for potential traffic spikes as the number of internet users continue to grow at a fast pace. ARA-TS not only supports 10G, but also 622M, 1G and 2.5G as well.

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