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ARA-TS provides detailed insight and analysis of the network traffic. It is a highly scalable system that uses a single, easy-to-use GUI to deliver unsurpassed network analysis suitable for short-term network troubleshooting or for long-term trend and usage analysis.

Long-term reporting capabilities evaluate trends and assist in accurate capacity planning for the service provider.
Data report viewing include customizable features such as sorting by time parameters, choosing graph or table for- mats, filtering and drill-down levels to view additional data.
Building Policies
Configuration management is centralized allowing such capabilities as managing the traffic limits per P2P protocol. This enables rapid deployment of services and automatic distri- bution of configurations. In multiple ARA-TS settings, a global management tool can be used to access configurations and policies.
Active Alarm
An active alarm system can be set to trigger any abnormal events such as SNMP traps. Immediate notification via email can invoke corrective action before problems become costly.
The administrator can capture packets and save to files. The traffic can then be analyzed through packet tools such as Ethereal (www.ethereal.com).

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